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Jeweller ornaments from the Baltic amber by the gross

магазин янтаря        Welcome to a company site "Russian amber"!

        Our company works in sphere of ornaments from the Baltic amber more than 10 years. In this time we have carefully studied the market, a supply and demand on various categories of products from amber.
        We offer you a wide choice of jeweller ornaments from the Baltic amber:brooches with amber, amber bracelets, a brooch-kulony from amber, an amber beads and a necklace, rings with amber, complete sets with amber, пусеты and daggers amber, кулоны from amber, amber earrings, beads an amber, exclusive beads from amber, amber souvenirs, pictures from amber and amber icons.
      Besides, we have possibility to offer you medical production from the Kaliningrad amber. These are a medical beads, amber acid, amber oil, amber powder and various amber syrups. All medical production is made at the Kaliningrad pharmaceutical factory and has corresponding certificates.
    All ornaments are made of the natural Kaliningrad amber, many products are exclusive and are executed by masters with a long-term operational experience.
        In the professional work we are guided by a major principle - " responsibility and reliability in всем" To each client in our command an individual approach. In connection with that. That among our clients it is a lot of the companies which are in regions removed from Moscow, we always go it towards and are ready to allocate for them convenient time and schemes of payment and goods delivery.
        At us the flexible system of discounts operates. Which depends not only on the order sum, but also from ways of payment and delivery of the order For constant clients the scheme of a delay of payment operates.
        We are always glad to see you at our office of wholesales of ornaments and products from the Baltic amber!